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organic and sweet


F rom the earth to the table... passing through the heart.
All Aiello products are created, produced, and brought to your table with a specific philosophy that makes each product unique. Excellence when searching for local raw materials, traditional craftsmanship, attention to organic, vegan and gluten-free proposals without sacrificing flavour.

A family that has its roots in the love for the art of pastry and which today means to enrich the modern know-how in order to consolidate an identity that honours its origins while looking to the future. Observing the past to remember where we come from and reap its best fruits, which in turn become elements to work and produce with even greater energy and dedication. Finally, reaching every part of the world to introduce everyone to the best Italian flavours..

T he desire to look ethically at production processes in order to offer products that maintain genuine taste and flavour, opening the doors to a world in continuous growth.
These are the foundations of Aiello’s philosophy, centered on quality in all its forms and which is an important point of arrival for the company.


Following tradition is not just a matter of form: manual production, non-industrial preparation times, and the experience of our pastry chefs, handed down from generation to generation and respecting the history of each individual product, are a guarantee of quality that a automated process could never ensure.


It means selecting and using only the best ingredients, a rigorous process to guarantee only the best of the best.


Organic Spirit

Our products are completely organic, compliant with European certification. But above all there is attention to the consumer who chooses quality products, and as such they are characterized by a constant search for the latest idea in order to satisfy the needs of every consumer.