From the land to the kitchen table, passing through the heart. All Aiello’s products are thought, created, and brought to your tables following a precise philosophy: the territorial excellence in the research of the raw materials; the artisanal production, which follows the traditional recipes transmitted from one generation to another; the attention to organic material, to vegan proposals, and to gluten free products, always without renouncing to taste.

The Aiello’s family reaches also to new generations, with the objective of transmitting tradition while enriching cialis generique it with modern know-how. In doing so, the Aiello’s family looks to the past with pride in order to remember from where we are coming, and works every day with energy and dedication to show to the world the best of the Italian taste.

The desire to look to the production process with an ethic eye: organic, gluten free products, which do not renounce to taste. On the contrary, they marry a philosophy and a life style shaped by personal food choices and individual needs, opening doors to a world in constant grow. These foundations acheter cialis 10mg of a genuine philosophy based on quality make Aiello the cutting-hedge company in the field.


To follow tradition is not just a formal matter. The guaranty of the quality of our product comes from the manual production, with a preparation that doesn’t follow an industrial – timed process; It comes from the experience of ours pastry chefs, who preserve generation after generation the long history of each single product. Our confectioners are a guarantee of quality that no automatic production process could ever ensure.


Our daily objective is to reach excellence in every possible way. This does not mean to focus only on manufacturing or on the selection of the organic materials. It means to choose only the best. It is a true ‘selection into the selection’, in order to ensure the real top-notch quality of our product. This is what happens with the Sicilian almonds Tuono or with the Piedomontese nuts, both of which are unique in their taste and organic characteristics.


Our products are completely organic, as certified by the European Union. Aiello means attention for the consumer who decides to consume organic. Aiello

is characterized by a constant research for the latest novelty directed to satisfy the needs of each consumer. Our products do not use any material of animal origin. As such, they are ideals also for those who want to go vegan.