Our products are rigorously organic and created respecting tradition. All of them are enriched by a continuous research performed with attention both to the consumer’ needs and the taste’s excellence.

Cookies, cakes, torrone sweet, dragées, truffles, covered fruit and chocolate cream represent Aiello’s offer. All products bring back to the present the ancient recipes, reproducing them with respect of the tradition.

A collection of recipes made perfect throughout a careful research for each ingredient, which are identified in their land of origin. Then, these ingredients are worked by the hands of those who find their reason of life in the respect of the tradition.

Using a sort of time machine, the Aiello family brings back stories of sweet tables. Stories that passed from the fathers to the sons and eventually arrived to our current days. Stories that came from Italy and all over the world and that are with us today thanks to the Aiello family’s dedication in preserving both taste and the local product’s value.
Moreover, with respect to the raw material’s research, Aiello is committed in identifying and exalting those variables most related to wellness.


Tradition and innovation meet in the recipe books of the Aiello’s family, with classic cookies that represent an Italian excellence made by local raw materials and manual manufacturing.

The Cantucci, prepared one by one with Sicilian almonds of the Tuono type and made sweet by the Calabrian honey, are the perfect interval for an afternoon tea or for a sweet conclusion of lunch and dinner. The Cantucci’s variation made by spelt flour is something that one must try. They are light, close to the most sophisticate taste, and receptive to the new trends in the field. The Brutti ma Buoni are perfect for those who choose a gluten free nutrition. They are another classic product, created with the fusion of two highly selected raw materials coming from the two extreme of the country: the Piedmont hazelnut and the Sicilian Tuono almonds. The Amaretti are delicate to both touch and sight. Their strong taste is based on the same raw materials of the Brutti ma Buoni. Still, these materials are worked in a different, traditional, way that gives them their unique taste. The Baci di Dama, from the secret recipe of the Aiello’s family, have always been the most elegant and refined cookie. It combines authentic flavors such as chocolate and hazelnut of the Langhe (hazelnut and gianduia), in a unique tasteful formula that conquers eyes, noses and mouths. The Ajello’s cake, prepared with no gluten, concludes the product’s selection created for those who, out of necessity or by choice research alternative flours but don’t want to renounce to quality, aroma, and taste. Everyone can eat something delicious thanks to our rice flour, corn flour, and tapioca flour.


The Almond Brittle is a dessert coming from tradition that doesn’t have any equal. Every type (with Sicilian Tuono Almonds at 60%; with Sicilian Pistachio; with Piedmont hazelnuts) is prepared manually in order to guarantee friability. We use little sugar in order to exalt their characteristic thin thickness and incredible taste.


Among the new proposals, a must try is the one made with Goji’s berries and the one created with blueberry. they are the perfect vegan dessert, with their mixture of contemporary tastes and their incredible healthy properties.


The opportunities to try it for those who have the sweet tooth are many. They are the perfect solution to welcome friends or to accompany a cup of coffee. They are also perfect as a gift when one receives an invitation, and for a small sweet break in the middle of a day. Any time is good to enjoy their unique taste and to discover their heart made by crunchy almond and hazelnut truffles. Incredibly tasteful is also their variation covered of peanuts and coffee beans, with the latters enclosed in a thin veil of dark or milk chocolate


Tasty and simple in their homemade nature, truffles are perfect to be presented as a gift or as a treat to guests. They come in a bouquet of flavors that range from dark to milk chocolate. They are prepared using Sicilian almonds, coffee beans and the round hazelnut of the Langhe. All of these are excellent raw materials, thus appropriate to prepare a typical product of the Italian tradition famous throughout the world.


The Torrone Sweet represents the typical Calabrian sweet. A “must-have” at parties, it is made with Sicilian almonds to 55% and strictly local biological orange honey. The latter enhances the flavor of the almonds and ties it to the aromas and scents of the different varieties proposed. Torrones’Aiello are offered in a wide range, covered with dark, milk, and white chocolate.


Typical fruits candied according to the tradition. They enhance the aroma and the taste of the land of origin by binding exquisitely to a thin layer of chocolate.


The most exigent palates are satisfied with the chocolate dipped fruit by Aiello. Aiello offers products that are the Calabria’s excellence, such as oranges, lemons and clementine covered with dark and milk chocolate.


The Soft chocolate is a sweet interval rich of flavor’s nuances, suitable for any time of the day. The handcrafted Aiello’s soft chocolate enhances the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut’s flavor, mixing it with the noblest dark and milk chocolate.