Aiello Bio


Tradition; excellence in the art of confectionery; and a scrupulous selection of ingredients (which are strictly organic and traceable) are the variables that make Aiello Bio a unique product….


To follow tradition is not just a formal matter. The guaranty of the quality of our product comes from the manual production, with a preparation that doesn’t follow an industrial

– timed process; It comes from the experience of ours pastry chefs, who preserve generation after generation the long history of each single product. Our confectioners are a guarantee of quality that no automatic production process could ever ensure.


Our daily objective is to reach excellence in every possible way. This does not mean to focus only on manufacturing or on the selection of the organic materials. It means to choose only the best. It is a true ‘selection into the selection’, in order to ensure the real top-notch quality of our product. This is what happens with the Sicilian almonds Tuono or with the Piedomontese nuts, both of which are unique in their taste and organic characteristics.


Our products are completely organic, as certified by the European Union. Aiello means attention for the consumer who decides to consume organic. Aiello is characterized by a constant research for the latest novelty directed to satisfy the needs of each consumer. Our products do not use any material of animal origin. As such, they are ideals also for those who want to go vegan.

Aiello Bio


Our products are completely organic and created in the respect of the tradition. Moreover, they are enhanced by a continuous research that focuses heavily on both taste and consumers’ needs.


Cookies, cakes, torrone sweet, dragées, truffles,

covered fruit and soft chocolate represent Aiello’s offer.
All products bring back to the present ancient recipes, reproducing them with respect of the tradition.

A collection of recipes made researching perfection in each ingredient, which are identified directly in their land of origin. Then, these products are worked by the hands of those who find their reason of life in the respect of the tradition. With a sort of time machine, the Aiello family brings back stories of sweet tables. Stories that passed from fathers to sons, and eventually arrived to our current days. Stories that came from Italy and all over the world and that are with us today thanks to the Aiello family’s dedication in preserving both taste and the local product’s value.

Moreover, with respect to the raw material’s research, Aiello is

committed in identifying and exalting those variables most related to wellness.

This is the case of the almonds Tuono, characterized by a sweet taste and with a unique seed. Because they are less oily than others, they are perfect when worked in the oven, resulting in delicious cookies andtorroni.

Rich in iron and Vitamin E, Tuono almonds provide an optimal source of substance that will contribute to the health of both for the digestive system and the bones.They reduce “bad cholesterol” thanks to the high percentage of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat.

Because its organoleptic qualities, the round nut from Piedmont, used in the amarettos and in the so-called bad-looking but good (brutti ma buoni), is widely considered the best variety in the world. Its taste and aroma remain excellent also after the toasting.


The world-renowned Sicilian Pistachio is considered one of the most precious seed-fruits of the Mediterranean because its nutritional properties. The Sicilian Pistachio is a source of vitamin B, vitamin H, folic acid and, of course, it is characterized by an exceptional taste.


The Goji Berries, tasteful and rich of countless vital substances. Among them, phytochemicals such as carotenoids and ellagic acid, which are extremely beneficial for the organism..


The blueberry, refreshing and with medical properties known from ancient times, with vitamins A and C, citric and malid acid, phosphorus, myrtillin, and calcium.

  • Aiello è distribuito da Ecor NaturaSì che come mission si prefigge di “Distribuire prodotti biologici, biodinamici e naturali
    che contribuiscano a migliorare non solo la salute delle persone, ma anche quella della terra, della natura e dell’ambiente in generale”.

  • Aiello è distribuito da Piacere Terra la cui filosofia prevede il consumo sostenibile non solo come una scelta ma un’esigenza che accomuna tutte le persone di buon senso. Renderlo accessibile a tutti è il primo passo per costruire un mondo migliore, nel pieno rispetto dell’uomo e della natura. Lavorare insieme nel quotidiano ma con una visione sul futuro, alla ricerca del ben-essere: per questo è nato Piacere Terra.

    Piacere Terra
  • Aiello è distribuito da Ki Group. Azienda leader nella distribuzione capillare di prodotti biologici, biodinamici e naturali nel retail specializzato.

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